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Working Procedure of Apex Text to Speech

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How to convert text into speech using Apex Text to Speech?

A: You can easily convert any text content from any source file which is shown on screen into WAV audio file for future listening.

Step 1: You just need to browse text file using ‘Browse’ button or copy text content through clipboard using Ctrl+C option. After that your copied content is shown on text area.

    Text to Speech

Step 2: Now software is ready to speak your text content as well as save it into *.wav audio file format for future uses. Below we describe all the buttons functionality in detail. You can follow the instructions to use Apex Text to Speech software.

  • Select text file using "Browse" button.

  • Copy and Paste the desired text in clipboard.

  • You can delete or clear pasted text from clipboard by "Clear" button.

  • You can pause at any moment of playing by "Pause" button.

  • You can save resulted audio file by "Save As .WAV File " button.

  • You can listen pasted text or browsed file content by "Speak" button.

  • You can stop speaker by "Stop" button.

  • You can start speak clipboard contents by "Start clipboard monitoring" checkbox without using "Speak" button.

  • You can increase or decrease speed of speaker by "Speed" scale option.

  • You can see type of voice by drop down box of "Voice".

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